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It looks like the long, hard winter of 2014/2015 is finally over. The biggest news of the winter is the addition of a baby bear to our sleuth. In January, our fiddle player, Harry Ralph, and his wife Lindsay brought a new little bear, Tyler, into the world. Not only is Tyler one of the cutest bears ever, we are pretty sure he will be playing twin fiddles with Harry in no time at all. Although we did break up the hibernation with a couple of shows close to home, we stayed warm and cozy by our fires for most of the winter. We had a great time in PEI in November. The trip up was a little crazy, with a heavy early season snow storm making for an interesting ride. It was well worth it, as the people there were incredibly friendly and fun. Julie and I got to be a part of the Gibson Family Christmas show at NAC in December. Eric, Leigh and Erin are some of the finest people and musicians in the country and we were honored to be a part of the show. Eric helped us out at a Clem Hawkins Revival Band show in January at the Peru Community Center. He loves traditional country as much as we do and he plays a mean Fender guitar. It seems like our traditional country group, the Clem Hawkins Revival Band (CHRB) is gaining some traction. In addition to the Battle of Plattsburgh celebration and our upcoming show in Chateaugay, we will be opening the Jennybrook bluegrass festivalís potluck supper/dance with this group for the 3rd year in a row. We grew up playing this music with our parents, so we are happy we get to keep the tradition alive. We are kicking off our season with a Clem Hawkins Revival Band show at the Chateaugay Town Hall Theater on May 23rd. Joining us will be Harry Ralph (a member of both the CHRB and Beartracks) on fiddle, Kevin Maul, on steel guitar and Dobro, and Bob Newton, long time CHRB member, on drums. We are anxious to get back out on the bluegrass circuit to play our music, meet up with old friends and, hopefully, make some new friends.

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