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It has been a long winter here in the far North. It finally looks as though it might be coming to an end. We are keeping our paws crossed. The bears are coming out of hibernation and getting ready to pick and sing. With the help of our good friend and all around great guy Eric Gibson, we did get to venture out in early April. We canít thank him enough for helping us out on that weekend. It was loads of fun to see everyone and to do some jamming with Zac and our friends from Canada. Now, we are ready to kick off our summer season on May 17th with our ďOut of HibernationĒ show at the Town Hall Theater in Chateaugay, NY. We spent the winter busily working on some new material in our nice warm caves. We have taken hot showers, trimmed our winter hair and Julie has gotten some new boots. We are READY!! We hope to see you sometime this summer. If you get to one of our shows, please come and say hi. And donít worry, we donít growl. Any noise resembling a growl will just be coming from our stomachs if we havenít eaten. It was a LONG winter.

Our trip to Westcliffe, Colorado for the High Mountain Hay Fever festival was incredible. We already knew from our last 10 years of playing music, that bluegrass fans are some of the nicest people around. The folks in CO were EXCEPTIONAL. The fans, festival volunteers, other musicians, sound man, promoter, simply everyone, made us feel so welcome that it was as if we had known them for years. We were told that the altitude made it a little harder to breathe, but it may well have been because the festival site was so breathtaking. We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and hope that we can, someday, return. It was an experience that we will always treasure.

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