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Zachary & Gail Smart visited on 12/11/2017 at 12/11/2017 8:07:38 PM

Sorry to hear about your mom our condolences. Love you all. My wife and I are in Florida for the winter.

Heather visited on 8/10/2017 at 8/10/2017 12:17:11 AM

Landslide again and again in my car! Julie, you beat the original by a long shot. My favorite!

Dorrine Provost visited on 8/9/2017 at 8/9/2017 8:30:55 PM

I love the write up about Bear Tracks. But nothing less is expected of this great group. Love the music, will be there on Friday for sure.

K.C.Hale visited on 7/28/2017 at 7/28/2017 9:02:13 PM

Great music Tom. Been a long time. Will try to catch one of your shows.

Tom visited on 5/9/2017 at 5/9/2017 6:24:28 PM

Thanks, Kevin. We would love to come to England. We just have no idea about how to get a gig over there.

kevin visited on 5/1/2017 at 5/1/2017 7:22:22 AM

Found you on the web when looking for versions of This Train Is Bound For Glory - yours was way better than any others! Downloaded your other new stuff too. Any chance you guys might ever come to lil' ol' England, by and by?!

Todd visited on 9/27/2016 at 9/27/2016 11:15:14 AM

Great to meet you all and hear you practice for the wedding. Hope you can visit RI again someday. If you use "Paws for Music" for a CD, just please credit me! Best, Todd

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Tom visited on 9/8/2016 at 9/8/2016 11:38:01 AM

Right now, not until next July at Danby. If we get something sooner, it will be posted on our site. Thanks.

Betsey & Bob Netto visited on 9/6/2016 at 9/6/2016 10:44:43 AM

When will you be back in New England?

Tom visited on 8/20/2016 at 8/20/2016 1:54:45 PM

Hey Tick Inspector, Thanks for supporting us and thanks for the hat. Even though you seem to have missed the tick on my nose, I have recovered. The sore wrist was probably from all the hot licks.

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