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Gper visited on 1/16/2016 at 1/16/2016 1:52:15 AM

I'll be speaking to the Tick Inspector later tonight. Looking forward to your visit to Amherst Island next August

Sherry visited on 1/15/2016 at 1/15/2016 6:35:51 PM

The most genuine people and one of the best sounding bands in NYS. Generous and giving with their talent to those less fortunate (nursing homes, etc) sharing their love of music with people who love their music.

Tom visited on 1/2/2016 at 1/2/2016 9:33:21 PM

Thank you Holly. We really appreciate that.

Holly visited on 12/29/2015 at 12/29/2015 3:06:23 PM

I love your music and can't stop listening!! I hope you'll record more songs!

Tom visited on 9/13/2015 at 9/13/2015 10:12:52 PM

Thanks Walter. It was nice to see you, Dawn and your mom there.

Walter Bordeau visited on 9/12/2015 at 9/12/2015 7:46:24 PM

awesome performance at bluegrass festival

Tom visited on 9/2/2015 at 9/2/2015 12:33:15 PM

Thanks Tick Inspector. We appreciate that.

Tick Inspector visited on 9/1/2015 at 9/1/2015 11:44:38 AM

In all my youth-full commentary I failed to say how much we have enjoyed the cd ' Makin New Tracks'. The style and exuberance holds true to your stage show. Production excellent. Well done indeed. Rick

Julie Hogan visited on 8/25/2015 at 8/25/2015 10:12:41 AM

Tick Inspector. Tom is full of beans That is NOT a mannequin 😀goofy brother. Hahahaha

Tick Inspector visited on 8/24/2015 at 8/24/2015 4:41:28 PM

You break me up. My compliments to the painter. Fabulous flesh tone and symmetry. Nothing left to be said. love you guys. Rick

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