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We have some great news!! After a summer of filling in to help us out, Dr. Steve Light has accepted our offer to become a permanent member of Beartracks. Steve’s style of playing fits perfectly with ours, his musicianship on the banjo and Dobro are incredible and he is a consummate professional both on and off the stage. We feel very fortunate to have Steve and Harry, two of the very best musicians and people anywhere, traveling and making music with us.

It has been a long winter, but we are finally out of hibernation. We start our season with a CD release show at Peru High School on May 6th. We recorded our 6th CD in February at Lane Gibson’s studio in Charlotte, VT. Junior brought us to what was then Chuck Eller’s studio in 2004 to record our first Beartracks’ album, Makin Tracks. Lane was the recording engineer there at the time. He did a great job and we really hit it off. Since then, Lane bought the recording studio and we have recorded four of our other albums there. Our latest project is titled The Other Side of the Tracks. We chose this title because these songs are not those that would typically follow the “paths” or “tracks” of our past. We took songs from a variety of musical genres and recorded them with bluegrass arrangements and instrumentation. Many of the songs on this CD were those that got a very positive response from crowds as we performed them at festivals and at our shows over the last couple of years. There are also some “new” old songs that we worked up over the winter that fit into the bluegrass style very nicely. While at the studio, we asked Lane to master some recordings from 1976 and 1996. The recordings from these years were with our Dad, Mom, Brother Roland and Cousin Junior. The first 9 cuts, from 1976, were recorded in the Venne homestead farmhouse on a single old Shure mic hung on a mantle. We simply turned on an old reel to reel recorder and started playing. Joining dad, mom, Roland and us was Donnie Perkins on fiddle. We were all members of the Clem Hawkins band at the time. We are happy we have this recording as our brother had a fatal accident two months later. The last 6 cuts, from 1996, were recorded in our cousin Junior Barber’s woodstove music room. Once again, we simply turned on a recorder and started playing music. This was one of the last times our dad and mom would play music with us. We have titled this CD, Venne Family Memories. Dad, our brother Roland and Junior have all passed on, so we are very happy we have this music as a part of our memories.

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