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Harry Ralph was born with music in his blood. He comes from a highly talented family of musicians who started him on the fiddle at the age of 4. At the young age of 15 he and his friends formed a country band that went on to have the honor of being the opening act for such bands as The Charlie Danielís Band and Lonestar. Along the way, Harry also competed in many local and national fiddle competitions having received top awards and recognition. Harry also competed and won the honor of playing beside the world renowned B.B. King. Harry has also played in his family band along with his mother, father and grandfather as well as previously being a member of The Cabin Fever Band. Along with playing the fiddle, Harry plays the guitar, bass and mandolin.

Harry resides in the same town where his talent for music was nurtured in Danby, Vermont. He resides there with his wife, two sons and their French Bulldog Boccie. When he is not stunning the crowds with his fast finger playing on the fiddle, he is a substation electrician for the Vermont utility company.

Harry thanks his family everyday for guiding him along the way as a child in finding his love and passion for music. His parents, Butch and Linda Ralph, owned the well known Danby Four Corners Store for over 20 years, and would practice with him in the back room, while customers would come in just to hear him play. Harry even taught guitar and fiddle lessons to young aspiring musicians in the area.

Over the years Harry has made numerous appearances with Bluegrass Bands, pleasing the crowd every time with his dynamic, smooth fiddle playing and harmonizing vocals.

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