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  Venne Family Memories
This CD is a compilation of live single mic recordings of our family doing what we love, playing music. These are wonderful memories of our dad, brother, and cousin Junior who have since passed away.

Title 24kps Sample 128kps Sample
The Old Man and the Old Woman
Sally Goodin
Old Slew Foot
Coal Miner's Daughter
Soldier's Joy
Ragtime Annie
Irish Washerwoman
Mansion on the Hill Listen
Maple Sugar
Honky Tonk Angels
Little Cabin Home on the Hill Listen
The Leaves Mustn't Fall
Hawwiian Lullaby Listen
Old Slew Foot
Old Shep

Songs 1-9 were recorded in 1976 inside the Venne family homestead. Playing bass and harmonizing on the first 9 songs was our brother Roland, who died shortly after this recording. This is the only recording we have of our mom, dad, brother, and us together. The next 6 songs were recorded in 1996 with our mom, dad and Junior Barber in Jr's garage.

Mastered by Lane Gibson at Lane Gibson Studios

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