From The Hollow

Title : From The Hollow
Format : CD
  1. No Mother Or Dad
  2. Long Black Veil
  3. From The Hollow
  4. JP Grasshopper
  5. Last Letter Home
  6. March Winds
  7. Carolyn At The Broken Wheel Inn/Revised
  8. Can't You Hear Me Calling
  9. Why Did You Leave Me
  10. Honey Don't Worry
  11. Drifting Too Far
  12. When I'm Gone
  13. Waiting For A Train
  14. Come With Me
  15. Shake That Water
  1. Come With Me Beartracks 1:41
  2. Drifting Too Far Beartracks 1:19
  3. Last Letter Home Beartracks 1:47
  4. No Mother Or Dad Beartracks 1:19
  5. Long Black Veil Beartracks 1:21

This album from Beartracks contains fifteen tracks with seven original songs. Five of the originals were written by Julie and two are instrumentals, written by Junior. Julie has also penned two extra verses and a chorus to Carolyn at the broken wheel inn. Six of the remaining seven songs are covers of old bluegrass and country classics and one is a classic gospel tune. We had a great time recording this album and hope you enjoy it.